It was one of those perfect cloudless days, when the sky was so blue.  In that moment, I felt incredibly connected and free, and set an intention for 2015.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

… Ram Dass

At the end of every year, I find myself thinking about where I am, where I have been, what I have learned, and most importantly, where I want to be in my life. What felt so different about this past year ending was how confident I felt. I made a conscious choice at the beginning of last year that whenever self-doubt came up for me, I would push through the fear and trust what the universe had in store for me. Courage defined is the ability to do something that frightens you. Confidence comes from having the courage to be a different way.

As this new year unfolds, and you move into the next chapter of your life, consider how you have been dealing with scary feelings that hold you back. Wherever you are on your path, pause…breath…and decide what matters most to you and what you want to create in your life. Then set an intention.