Mindfulness is a practice of connection… to calm your mind and accept your experience, allowing you to respond to life’s challenges rather than living in an automatic state of reaction… to engage in life from a place of authenticity and compassion.

Mindfulness is about being open to what is and the awareness of your experience of reality in the present moment.  I’m not suggesting that women are not living in reality, what I am suggesting is that we are not experiencing what our reality is.

By intentionally practicing mindfulness, deliberately paying more careful moment-to-moment attention, you can be more fully present for your life and the lives of others, and less on “automatic pilot”.  You know what I mean…unconsciously going about your day unaware of what you are really doing, thinking, or feeling.

Mindfulness is about observing your thoughts without criticism and being compassionate with yourself.  In an open-hearted, friendly way you begin to invite whatever arises in awareness without taking it personally.By paying attention on purpose, deeply, and without judgment we can cultivate the capacity for awareness to balance out thought and catch negative thought patterns before they tip you into a downward cycle.

Mindfulness awakens your awareness of your inherent goodness and possibilities. It is a way to create healthy, positive changes, and happens when we no longer turn away from what it is we wish to change.  It  puts you back in control of your life.   The time to start is now…one breath at a time.