Mindfulness Practice for Being Well

Mindfulness Practice for Being Well is a program designed to encourage lifestyle changes that support wellbeing by integrating mindfulness practices with cognitive behavioral skills. Mindfulness is awareness that evolves by open, non- judgmental, and non-reactive attention to the present moment.  The practice of mindfulness is cultivated through the practice of meditation.

This 8-week course developed by psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher Susan Bowen, begins by focusing attention on the breath and body.  We then learn how to work with difficult emotions and thoughts, and how to respond to the challenges of life with courage, choice, and compassion.  Over time and with practice we begin to experience life with more peace and clarity.  The course includes principles of mindfulness, guided formal and informal meditations, experiential practices, home practices, and 8 weeks of personal support from Susan Bowen.  Mindfulness Practice for Being Well promotes healing, inspires self-compassion and acceptance, increases emotional intelligence and enhances your ability to relate to the challenges of everyday life and step out of habitual patterns of thought and behavior. 


Mindfulness training is not psychotherapy and is not a substitute for mental health counseling, medical care, or treatment of Addictive Behaviors.
When:  Sunday January 21 – March 11, 2018 5:30-7:00 pm
Cost:    8 week class is $320 and includes props, workbook, and audio recordings
Where: Sessions are held at Grace Yoga, 1060 Broadway Ave, Millbrae, Ca 94030   
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 *Illegal and Prescription Drugs, Media, Nicotine, Alcohol, Work/Activity, Shopping, Exercise, Relationships, Gambling, Power & Control, Codependency, Sex, Food or No Food, Caffeine, Self Harm.